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Science Wiz Set
Science Wiz Set
Science Wiz Set

Science Wiz Set

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Light Set

Learn about the fundamentals of light: lenses, reflection, refraction, microscopes, telescopes, cameras, and the speed limit of the universe in this ScienceWiz™ classic. For Ages 6 to 12, the set includes a 40 page science book with materials for 25 activities:
  • Split light into a cascade of rainbows
  • Make a kaleidoscope
  • Mold lenses
  • Make a microscope and telescope
  • Capture a shadow
  • Construct a pinhole camera
  • Bounce, bend and blend light
  • Play the “I Spy” game with mirrors
  • Solve filter puzzles
  • Bounce, bend, and blend light.

Requires a 1.5 volt D cell battery

Rocks & Geology Set

This is the WEIGHTIEST ScienceWiz book sold, as it has lots of good sized rock samples! As one of Dr. Norman’s most exciting books yet, eruptive experiments are used to explore the active geology of planet Earth.

Connect the earth’s crust to real rocks. Relate rocks to the history of the planet — It is written in the rocks! Uses exciting eruptive experiments to foster comprehension

For ages 8 and up, this set includes a 56 page science book with materials for 20 activities:

  • Mould and slice open a model of the earth
  • Create a lava fountain to explore density
  • Spew your own volcano
  • Make your own pyroclastic eruptions
  • Discover which rocks will float and which will burn
  • Identify, break & display volcanic rocks
  • Sediment your own sedimentary rocks
  • Acid test rocks
  • Explore metamorphic rocks
  • Form fossils